[NEW] MBH JOJO, Chara Heroes, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4, Diamond is unbreakable, Vol.2



Tokimeki, Chara Heroes
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4, Diamond is unbreakable, Vol.2

- Rohan Kishibe & Heaven's Door
- Joseph Joestar (Part 4) & Shizuka
- Akira Otoishi
- Red Hot Chili Pepper
- Bug-Eaten & Ratt
- Reimi Sugimoto & Arnold
- Ken Oyanagi & Boy II Man
- Yuya Fungami
- Highway Star
- Terunosuke Miyamoto
- Enigma
- Yoshikage Kira & Sheer Heart Attack
- Killer Queen
- Yoshikage Kira (Kosaku Kawajiri) & Stray Cat
- Hayato Kawajiri & Stray Cat

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