Terms and Conditions

Term & Condition

You agree to follow the Code of Conduct. All policies and recommendations regarding ordering products through the platform Including any amendments to the above mentioned items which are enforced by us And assumes that you acknowledge and accept the obligations under such changes when published on the platform The terms and conditions of this payment will only apply to orders for goods and payments made by you and the seller.

  1. You agree to pay for products with a credit or debit card that can be used to pay legal debts.
  2. You agree not to cancel the payment later, unless The order between you and the seller does not comply with the agreement. Did not receive the delivery of the product Or the product that you receive is different from the details that you received from the seller with the significance of the seller's judgment
  3. You acknowledge that the refund request for payment will be successful only if the seller agrees and wishes to make a refund only.
  4. You acknowledge that all refunds will be made through the original payment mechanism and to the person who made the payment.
  5. You acknowledge that no refund guarantee will be entered in your account on time. The processing may take time and depends on each bank. And / or the payment service provider that conducted the refund

Privacy Policy 

1. Introduction
Welcome to the website. We have made a notice of this privacy policy to notify you of the data collection, use or disclosure under the Act Personal Data Protection Act 2019 "PDPA" (Personal Data Protection Act) because we are very aware of the importance of our customers' data. Customers can be assured that the information they provide us with the appropriate and best security measures. 

2. When do we collect personal information? 
Personal information means information about an individual that makes it possible to directly or indirectly identify that person. We only collect personal information if necessary and use it for

2.1 When applying for membership
2.2 When making an order
2.3 When filling out information through the form
2.4 When filling in information through the forum thread

3. What personal information is collected? 
The categories of personal information that we collect and use are in accordance with the scope of the service. By collecting information as necessary and useful under the law such as

Name, surname
ID card number
Contact information
Phone number
Mailing address
Social media accounts
Transaction information
Details of order and payment
Technical data
IP address
Web Browser
4. How do we use personal information? 
4.1 For contacting and inquiring information, selling products or services 
4.2 To verify details of purchasing products
4.3 For the transportation of products
4.4 For use in the preparation Order reports and sales tax reports

5. How do we protect personal information?
We have strict security measures to support the highest level of data security, the electronic security certification is compliant with SSL (Security Socket Layer) approved by the CA (Certificate Authority) to protect information such as personal information, passwords, credit card numbers. 

6. Disclosure of personal information to outsiders 
In business, We are required to disclose personal information to third parties, for example in order to use cargo transport. We will not take personal information that we have collected to be published or sold to third parties who are not involved except in case of legal measure.

7. Period of retention of personal information
We will keep your personal information only as required by law or as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. We will delete or destroy personal information. When I saw that collecting that information It is not necessary for the purposes stated or requested deletion account in footer menu "Request delete account". (https://bit.ly/3Dv84k8)

8. Use of cookies
Cookies are information on the website sent to the web browser of the service provider to make customers comfortable to use the website It also helps to study overall platform visitor behavior. In this regard, customers can refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on their browser. It may affect the inability to use or access all of our functionality.

9. Amendments to the Privacy Protection Policy
From time to time, we will revise the Privacy Protection Policy. In order to comply with the change of service operations under the law, We will disclose the policy to customers through the website clearly, as appropriate when customers visit the site or receive service from us. Always read the privacy policy for the benefit of the customers.

10. How to contact us 
If you have questions, suggestions or need additional details about privacy policy or want to exercise your rights, please contact us 

Data protection policy
We will not use your personal information for any purpose other than providing services or as required by law. We respect and take into account the privacy of our customers at the highest level. The most important thing is the relationship between you and us. We want you to be comfortable and confident. Use our products and services and trust the security of personal information and the list of forms that you enter for us.

Discard Order

  1. When you place an order and do not pay within 3 days, the system will automatically cancel the order.
  2. When the pre-order product arrives and the shop has requested the rest of the payment via various channels such as email, LINE, facebook messenger, SMS, etc., and the payment is not received within 30 days from the requested date. The shop reserves the right to refund the deposit, shipping costs and cancel the order.
Refund Policy
     1. In the case of pre-order products that have been purchased and the shop cannot supply all or part of the product due to out of stock or any other reason The shop will process the refund of the deposit that cannot be procured and the shipping fee (if payment is made) according to the channel that has been deposited as follows.
         1.1 Bank transfer, True Wallet, Promptpay, PayPal within 1-2 days after the shop has informed
         1.2 Credit card via PaySocial, Omise, GB Prime Pay, the shop will issue a refund request via the system within 1-2 days. In general, the cardholder will receive a refund in the next billing cycle. The debit card will receive a refund in 30-60 days depending on the policy of each bank.
      2. The shop reserves the right not to refund the deposit of goods or money, pay for goods and shipping as follow.
            2.1 Ready-to-deliver products. The shop has already delivered products to customers.
            2.2 Pre-order products - the shop has already ordered pre-orders for customers, they is non-refundable.


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